working out your fixed costs

Working Out Your Fixing Costs

Every builder approaches construction projects differently. As we go through each job we break out fixings and will aim to get the cost component as close as possible.

While it may not be possible to precisely estimate every single plug, screw or bolt, we ensure transparency by including a line item for “miscellaneous fixings” and allocating a reasonable sum based on the scale of the project.

It is important to note that we will always outline and separately account for more expensive fixings such as SS bolts, ensuring they are not included in the miscellaneous fixings category. In each paragraph, we will use bullet points to clearly highlight multiple costings for specific fixings.


  • Pegging and boxing
  • 1 x box of paslode brights – $185.00
  • 500-pack of 100mm tek screws or bugle screws – $250
  • Miscellaneous allowance: $125


  • M12 140mms with washers
  • Budget: $3.15 + GST
  • Paslode 90mm Galv Gun Nails
  • Quantity: 3000 shots
  • Budget: $265 per box

Roof Framing:

  • CPC 40s
  • Quantity: 2 per truss, additional 2 per side
  • Budget: $2 each
  • Paslode 90mm Galv Gun Nails
  • Budget: $265 (boxes varied)
  • Purlin Blue Screws (boxes carried)
  • Budget: $62 per box

Cladding – Windows:

  • 65mm Galv Paslode Nails (Cavity Battens)
  • 60mm Galv Jolt nails (Flashings and Miscellaneous/Fascia)
  • 30mm Clout nails (Soffits)
  • Angle Brad Galv (Pin soffit to cladding detail)
  • Miscellaneous allowance: $150-$250


  • 32mm Collated GIB Screws
  • Quantity: 1000pk
  • 65mm Angle Brad Pins
  • 60mm Screws Square Drive (Doors, Wardrobes, Joinery)
  • 70mm Jolts
  • Miscellaneous allowance: $350-$450
  • Packers, PVA Glue, Sandpaper, Drill Bits


  • 1 x Clear Silicone
  • 1 x No More Gaps
  • Miscellaneous Fixings – Wipes – $85.00

All in all we do our best to outlay the bulk amount of fixings for each part of the job so those costs are well covered and included in every project.

By itemising a significant portion of the fixings required in construction projects, we aim to provide comprehensive cost estimations. While it may not be feasible to precisely estimate every single plug screw or bolt, we ensure transparency by including a separate line item for miscellaneous fixings and allocating an appropriate budget based on the project’s scale. 

Additionally, we make a point to outline and account for more expensive fixings such as SS bolts separately; these costs can really kill profit margins.

If you want to see how we can help you break down the costs for your project send us a scope of work, along with your name and information to our email

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