RapidQS offers a flexible pricing structure tailored to the scope and size of each project. Our services cater to various project types, including:

  • Labour-only project scopes
  • Full contract renovations or new builds
  • Concept style pricing based on a basic set of plans
  • Full Statement of Quantities (SOQ) measure for specific projects

We specialize in pricing and measuring for all residential construction projects, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your needs.

Before any project begins, we provide a fixed-price option for our services. To receive a proposal from us, simply send over your plans along with a clear project scope. This is the most straightforward way to start the process.


Our Service Types


Single Breakdowns

Labour Only or Material Take offs Or Sub Trades


Packages start at $715 + GST and go up to $1500 + GST

This is perfect if you are a:

  • Labour only builder
  • Homeowner who has materials and sub trade estimates and wanting a labour only price broken down

Renovations/New Builds

For Bigger projects, such as new builds and renovations, we offer full take-off pricing. This involves a comprehensive estimate of all the costs associated with the project, including:

  • Labour costs
  • Material Costings
  • Subtrade costings
  • P&G costings

This type of pricing is suitable for clients who want a clear understanding of all the costs involved in their project, and want to budget accordingly. Especially if you are going to the bank for a loan and or do a fixed price with a builder and need to provide draw down type payments.

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Pricing Packages

Basic pricing packages for the following types of projects:


Basic Renovation

Kitchen / Bathroom / Painting/ Internal Reconfiguration / Small Insurance

$815+ GST

Mid Size Renovation

Extending outside footprint, roof structure change, mid floor change, cladding changes. More technical details on plans etc.

$1500 - $2200 + GST

New Builds & Extensive Renovations

Full new build take offs, extensive renovations, adding another story, multiple bathrooms, footprint extensions, major internal reconfiguration.

$2500 - $3200 + GST

Luxury New Builds & full Scale renovations

Jobs over 1 million / renovation projects that are full strips and redos. May require a QS to jump in at certain stages throughout the project.

$3500 - $5500 + GST

Extra Services

Insurance Work

Our pricing structure takes into account the specific needs of each client and the scope of work required. This type of work often requires additional documentation and insurance compliance, so our pricing reflects this added effort.

Can require full scope of work packages also.

Pricing Starts at $900+ GST and can go up to $2500 + GST depending on size of work.

Hourly Rate Works

One off consulting calls and or hourly rate charges start at $250 + GST.

What these costs cover:

  • A initial consult chat on the project at hand
  • A full scale broken down cost of the project
  • Excel report sheet for personal editing
  • PDF dressed report sheet for presenting to a client and or bank
  • A 30 - 60 min go over of the project with client and or builder

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