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Rapid Quantity Surveyors NZ are your leading NZ quantity surveying partners. We like to think of ourselves as extremely approachable and easy to work with. We always take a positive outlook toward our clients' projects, and we adapt quickly to their needs.

Data and costs are the most important factors at the end of the day, which is what we pride ourselves on. We make tweaks and changes where necessary in order to get the best result with an agreed budget.

About Rapid QS NZ's Director, David Baker

David has a background in construction. He started in the trenches on the tools, working his way through an apprenticeship. He soon discovered that he was more suited to management, so he became a site manager for a light commercial building company. He then started working for a construction company with a friend. The two of them undertook a 300-panel precast project. David managed 15 staff members and materials, as well as ordering ahead to stay on schedule. After completing the panels, he transitioned back into the residential market as being a subcontractor was no good there.He got familiar with sales and marketing, along with tendering for projects averaging $10,000 - $100,000 . Very quickly, David realized there was an opportunity in a smaller market with much more volume—margins were better there than they were in commercial construction.

In 2021, David bought a profit-share partner to run the company and transitioned into QS work full time. Since then, he has been pricing over 2,000 projects for other building companies by making spreadsheets look jargon-free and easy to read.

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Our NZ Quantity Surveyor's Services

Simple, fast and cost effective Quantity Surveying services.


Full Plans

Full set of plans take offs. Created for building consent or conceptual ideation.


Cost Breakdowns

Full elemental costing breakdowns including,  labour, materials, subtrades and P&Gs.


Labour Only Breakdowns

Labour component full breakdowns.


Cost Updates

Variation changes and cost updates for you project.

Frequenty Asked Questions

The best way to get started on the project is to send all your plans and/or information to our email: qs@rapidqs.co.nz. Then we will reply with an estimate to complete the work.

We can get our estimates as close to market knowledge as we can.  We can estimate all the costs as close as possible. Depending on how the project is run, or the negotiation with the appropriate subtrades is under taken. Our numbers are a guideline and we can get the project to within 70% of the finalized amount.

We will offer a 50% refund on the project estimation cost.

For our average renovation job ($250,000), we would go into 140+ line items broken into specific zones and certain cost areas of the project eg:

  • Building
  • Sub Trades
  • Materials
  • P&Gs


Projects Estimated


Minimum Final Accuracy


Costs Surveyed


Qualified Surveyors


Hour Turnaround

Why Choose Rapid Quantity Surveyors NZ?

Lightning Fast DELIVERY

We are fast and efficient, our turn around times speaks volumes to clients we give a deadline and stick to it.


We are easy going and approachable, call us and our qualified team are free to have a chat and discuss your project.

Our Reports Are BESPOKE

We understand there are always variations and changes to be made which we have no problems doing.

What Our Clients Say About Us


We have been using Rapid QS for a while now and highly recommend them. Dave and his team are highly efficient and super accommodating.

Phoenix Renovations
Auckland, New Zealand

Get Your QS Report Now

Send us a few details and we will get you back an estimate. 

David Baker, Director, Rapid QS

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