Take Control of Your Building Contracts and Boost Your Earnings

Unlock higher profits and secure better contract terms with our specialized Contract Review Service. We stand for fair payment schedules and protecting the smaller players in the construction industry.

  • Protect Your Profit

    Safeguard your earnings with a thorough review of your contract terms, ensuring a fair and profitable deal.

  • Mitigate Risks

    Identify potential pitfalls and discrepancies in your contract that could put your project at risk.

  • Negotiate Better Terms

    Gain expert insights and strategies to negotiate more favourable contract terms.

  • Simple, Fixed Pricing - $500 +GST

    No hidden charges or complicated pricing structures, just one straightforward price for a comprehensive contract review.

  • 3-Day Turnaround

    We value your time. Our expert team will thoroughly review and return your contract within 3 working days, so you can proceed with your project without delay.


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The Expert Edge in Contract Review Services
Transform Your Building Projects with Contract Clarity

As a builder, your hard work and expert craftsmanship should be rewarded fairly. Ensure you're getting the best deal with our expert contract review services, tailored specifically for the construction industry. Our team of seasoned legal professionals specialises in New Zealand construction law, providing a secure foundation for your contracts.

Detailed contract analysis identifying potential risks and unfair terms

Expert negotiation strategies to help you secure favourable terms

Ongoing contract management to prevent future disputes

Education and training for a comprehensive understanding of your contracts

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Simple and Secure
Our Contract Review Process
  • Enquire

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  • Submit Your Contract

    Send us your contract via our secure, user-friendly form below.

  • We Review Your Contract

    Our legal experts comb through every clause, pinpointing potential risks and discrepancies.

  • Receive a Comprehensive Report In 3 Working Days

    We provide a detailed report outlining our findings and actionable recommendations, plus a negotiation strategy if needed.

  • Fixed Price Contract Review

    For just $500+GST, we provide an in-depth review of your contract, complete with a risk assessment and recommended amendments. This comprehensive service ensures that you're getting a fair deal, from payment schedules to termination clauses and everything in between.

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“As a builder, understanding and navigating contracts wasn't my strong suit, and it's something that had cost me in the past. But since I started using Rapid QS's contract review service, things have changed drastically. Their comprehensive review caught several unfavorable terms I would have missed, and their negotiation strategies helped me secure a much better deal. Plus, the 48-hour turnaround time is genuinely unbeatable. I can't recommend their services enough!“

Mike Johnson, MJ Builders

“ I was skeptical about the need for a contract review service, but after a colleague recommended Rapid QS, I decided to give it a shot. I was blown away by their thoroughness and expertise. They scrutinised my contract, provided a detailed report, and even helped me renegotiate better terms - all for a very reasonable fixed price! It's given me such peace of mind knowing I'm not walking into a project with a risky contract. “

David Jones, Jones Construction

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Don't leave your earnings to chance. Get your contract reviewed today for just $500 +GST!

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