How We Break Down Our Projects With Zoning

The biggest thing we find with builders and homeowners is finding the time to read and or go through and find all the juicy pieces of info.  Here we will show you how we break down these reports and keep them clean and easy to read.


We are all about saving time on our QS reports and making sure they are efficient and easy to read. Take a look at this 3 step scenario of a basic landscaping project below.


Firstly we attach a TRADE SUMMARY to keep things easy and if you only want to know the true outskirts of the project here it is…expect this on every QS report.


Making sure we are laying info out in an order that is clean to read. Let’s take this landscaping project for example that we completed on the North shore of Auckland. 

Zone 1.0 – Excavation

Zone 2.0 – Deck Build + Pergola

Zone 3.0 – Retaining Walls

Zone 4.0 – Driveway / Landscaping

The reason why we do this is, so many times clients want to prioritise how they want to spend their budget, if it is limited so they can break the report up.

If they can’t do the whole project, instead of re-pricing, they can now pick which zones they want to go ahead with which in turn saves a re-price and paying a QS twice!

‘Oh we might only do the bathroom and deck this then’

Then you don’t need a full report build, you just go to the zone and take out what you need.


Ensuring when we do the zones, once again a client might say,

“We will supply materials. What’s your labour only cost?” – and can we do sub trades on cost +.

We make sure we split out,

  • Labour Components
  • Material Components
  • Subtrade Components

So it’s easy to break each zone out into each component.

Keeping these easy and clean to read is most important !  Making reports easy to read is our bread and butter,

If you have plans and or want something priced feel free to reach out to us or send your plans through on our website!

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