Builder Charge Out Rates NZ 2024

What we have seen to date is probably not too surprising. Last year of 2023, we priced over 850 projects around NZD, right from Southland to Northland.

Now if you’re a full contract builder charging to the client, these are the ‘AVERAGES’ of what we are seeing in a busy industry.

Big Centers: 

Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown [Busy Boom City]

Average rates you will get charged are $75 – $90 +GST, depending on the scope of the project.

For example, high-end architectural or heavy commercial projects may also incur a Project Management charge of anywhere from 15-25 hours a week at $100 – $110 an hour. Completely reasonable, as these big jobs require a lot of forward planning, consistent site checking, and sign-offs at each stage of the project.

Profit margins/markup on items you would tend to see 15% – 22% as a margin. Most of the time, these builders prefer to work on fixed-price contracts.

Mid-Size Regions: 

Taranaki, Hamilton, Dunedin, Otago, Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Nelson

You can expect to see a smaller charge-out rate here, typically ranging from $65 – $75.00 + GST per hour. You can also negotiate an apprentice and/or a hammerhand/laborer at a cheaper rate, $38 – $45.00 +GST.

These smaller towns definitely see a fair share of more projects, less competition, and rates a little bit less.

Profit margins/eg margin on materials/PM Fees probably seeing 12% – 18% pretty standard. If you get a contractor on charge-up, you could negotiate $65.00 +GST an hour, weekly pay, 15% overall margin, and a $35.00 vehicle charge a day.

Smaller Regions: 

West Coast, Wairarapa, Masterton, Hawkes Bay [Exception after floods]

These areas tend to see some smaller rates. I would exclude Hawkes Bay now for the next wee while. Supply and demand play a big factor in these regions; less work, rates go down.

We don’t get a tonne of pricing around these smaller regions, but we get the odd project here and there. Expect to be charged around that $55 – $65.00 an hour mark, probably more on a charge-up basis, and potentially easier to get a builder, I would say. Probably a 15% margin over materials and a vehicle charge of $35.00 a day, I would say.

Overall Rates Topic:

From what we have seen in regards to rates, and it’s the most talked-about topic, it’s so hard to predict and get absolutely bang on. If you get a good builder, they are submitting a fixed price; they are an expert in their trade, and they know what they are doing.

They’re not disclosing their rates, margins, overall P&Gs; they are just simply submitting a fixed price contract.

So, if they are good and efficient, they could be making up to $150.00 an hour; you just won’t know it because you signed a fixed price. If you get them on charge-up, believe me, they are making a lot less money, and you’re getting a good deal.

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