Stefan White on Tradies in NZ, Multi-million dollar builds & more.. White Builders – Insider Chat Podcast Episode 2


The video script is an interview with Stefan White, owner of Mount White Builders, discussing his journey as a builder and offering advice to young builders and business owners.


00:12 Introduction to Stefan White, owner of Mount White Builders

01:00 Stefan’s background and motivation to become a builder

03:45 Starting as an apprentice and his first paycheck

06:30 Completing his apprenticeship and the importance of good foremen

09:20 Formation of Mount White Builders and their work in schools and residential projects

12:45 Building relationships with subcontractors and working with Alaska Construction

15:30 Utilizing Instagram for networking and meeting new people in the industry

17:15 Challenges of getting on the panel for school or education work

19:00 Running a team of 10 and the difficulty of finding good workers

Key Insights

Stefan’s journey as a builder highlights the importance of finding passion in your chosen career path. (Insight: Follow your passion)

Building strong relationships with foremen and subcontractors can greatly contribute to a builder’s success and knowledge. (Insight: Importance of relationships)

Utilizing social media platforms like Instagram can be an effective way to network and meet new people in the industry. (Insight: Leveraging social media)

Being a main contractor for school projects requires passing rigorous checks and maintaining a good reputation. (Insight: Challenges in school projects)

Working with reliable subcontractors and maintaining a good relationship with them can lead to long-term success in the industry. (Insight: Importance of subcontractors)

Running a team of workers can be challenging, but being adaptable and open to change is crucial for success. (Insight: Adaptability in team management)

The interview offers valuable insights and advice for young builders and business owners looking to start their own ventures. (Insight: Valuable advice for aspiring builders)


00:00 hey guys David here from Rapid Qs we’re just down here in p m today we’re going to see Stefan White from Mount white build selfmade building owner here at his house today we’re just going to do a podcast and a bit of a sit down so watch this [Music] episode Stefan um Surfer building business owner homeowner here in Papa MOA can we call you an insta celebrity not quite sure you obviously take it quite seriously um somewhat of a family man and loves the hustle so yeah thanks very much for giving me your time today

00:44 bro thanks for coming down man hey we did it all start mate obviously the majority of our following is all um young Builders um business owners uh guys who are either apprentices or third years fourth years they all want to know the questions of uh going out on your own doing your own thing so give me a rund down from left school to where you are now yeah so left school um it was it was the 0708 recession and um all I ever wanted to be was a builder like the boys um who I looked up to was you know driving past the beach front I was from

01:17 F matar and they always had the apron on and pretty foot followers and um and they always had all the chicks and I don’t know the chicks like the trades and then they always surfed I looked up to them for their surfing and then I I just wanted to be a part of that so um anyway I’d always talk about it to them and what it was like to be a builder and then my brother was mates with them was the older Jen and then um I was getting a bit over school I wasn’t really going to school much and um and then one day

01:44 one of them rang me up and he’s like do you want an apprenticeship and I was like I’d love to and I went home and told Mom I was meant to be moving to terang with her cuz she just sold up in fer and um I was I’m not coming I’m going to work she’s like when are you starting you’re not and I was starting tomorrow and that was it and then um yeah just been building ever since I was 16 yeah good what’s uh what was your first paycheck as an apprentice Builder cuz everyone loves rates eight bucks

02:13 yeah it was it was um n bucks an hour text yeah and I remember he bring it down to the beach and I was so stoked the guy titch I went for we still still close um he bring it down to the beach and it was like 270 bucks cash yeah and then um and then he’s like oh that’s cash so yeah no and took another 20 out of it and so it worked out to be like 250 bucks and because he just thought he’d keep a 20 out of it but I was so stoked I didn’t say a word no back cheat I was like that’s mean went and ticked up

02:42 a Ford Ranger straight away nah no no nice um how long did you stay with your main company as an apprentice the whole time um how long did it take you and how’d you go with the bookwork stuff that’s a big now I didn’t actually stay with the main company W was like a tightnit community and like um it was more like odd like the projects and I I never ever left anyone on bad terms I could actually go back to every boss I’ve ever worked for but it was more like he was building that beach front house hey I want to go be part of that

03:15 or hey I like that project so it was it was never on bad terms I I worked for my sister’s husband he’s he’s a big building company out there Jud Builders um Pete Davidson my other mate Lundy um yeah um and it took me bang on four years to get qualified and um I was at bookwork at school cuz I I had no purpose but I I hummed through my my book workk for my apprenticeship because I just I just loved it and just wanted to get qualified did you kind of sit out like uh like I remember when I was doing

03:46 mine I just would uh every Wednesday 6:00 to 8 I’d just pump it no excuses we always had rugby Tuesday Thursdays did you have like a routine or N I probably to be honest like in life I never got into routines until I started my company I always done work on my appren but I never really had such good life routines that more come once I started my company but I was motivated to get it done all I wanted to do was be a qualified Builder ni yeah did you have good foremans along the way I feel like that’s always you

04:16 say Obviously you look up to your you’ve got Role Models like your parents or family friends but I feel like a foreman you’re with them 45 hours a week yeah I look up to um he’ll get a big head cuz he watch us JY old man JY um he’s still family my sister’s obviously married to um his son Josh but I I look up to Mark and I he always taught me he taught me what a Dodger block was and a string line and so I always like looked up to him and then another guy stew I worked for um I looked up to him and I I reckon

04:47 and then a guy from Aussie J and just I reckon I molded myself as a builder I probably took a little part of maybe 20% of each foreman and then of each of their way molder at my own way yeah that’s the way to go away yeah um so your apprenticeship overall was pretty good um when did you form Mount white Builders and how long have you been going for now uh so I I started off I say this on camera but I started off doing heaps of cashes on the weekends um and so I um yeah cut that but yeah I I um had a had a job

05:22 um on Wagers when I was 22 and then I was I was running three other guys on the weekends doing doing projects and was making more money on the weekends and on Saturday Sunday than I was on the whole week I was probably making double triple and then I I wasn’t actually quite qualified and then I um I just I was I was I was just about done and then I just went to see my boss I was like hey I’m I’m done how much notice do you need I’m done yeah and um I was 22 Yeah and then I went out and I was a soul

05:53 Trader um 22 to 24 and then I just get contractors to help me and then I formed white Builders just under 8 years ago man y um how did you get your first lot of kind of like weekend jobs cashes that’s a big one people are always obviously stressing when’s the next job going to come from Etc how did you go about jobs sales now I’ve always like believed in like the Law of Attraction yeah and then so if I still to this day of ever I’m like I’m only booked out four months down the track or 6 months down the track I I I I

06:27 but I it sounds crazy some people don’t believe it but manifest and I love talking like I love talking to people I like get a kick out of talking to people and then I just and i’ just promote my company everywhere I went yeah I just I’d find a way like to be like hey I’m Stefan and I’ve got a Building Company like everywhere I went so I’d walk I walk into cafes and come out with couple couple numbers couple names yeah numbers and connections and then so I just promoted that’s all I

06:55 promoted was Stefan from White Builders every wherever I was in the surf at the hot pools in a cafe at a mat’s house I’d get numbers I still to this day yeah um would you say what’s been your sort of strategy behind the whole Instagram stuff you obviously take that a little bit seriously do you get a lot of work through that what’s your main kind of promotion through that I do get work through it um most of my work’s like Word of Mouth um but I do that for me I found like I’ve met you through it and

07:26 then I’ve mainly got like real good connections through through Instagram and and just like different sub trades like plumbers and sparkies and jib Stoppers and I’ve just found it’s a real good way to meet people I’ve actually met some of my real good mates through Instagram because you only follow what you’re interested in yeah yeah 100% um in regards of your like how you get your like say the projects or the work you take on are you sort of doing more contract work to tier one and tier 2

07:54 developers or you doing sort of mainly full contract work residential stuff what’s your kind of base of work and how you get it yeah so we’re um we we’re in with heaps of schools we do heaps direct to the schools like the board funded projects um all my subes will tell you this I probably do the craziest schedules you’ll ever see like the most aggressive schedules and I’ll just do anything to stick to those schedules and then like I’ll do I know like I’ve seen other builders schedules and theyve done

08:23 a thre Monon one and I’ve done it on the same project two weeks but no word of a lie and they’re like can you do this I’m like yeah going to have defects but I’ll get it across the line and you’ll get in but we have to come back and do yeah yeah so that so we do yeah we’re the main contractor on um school projects like not massive massive projects like medium to small um we’re a main contractor on we do highend Residential like new builds yeah and then heaps of Rena heaps but yeah and then um quite

08:56 close with Alaska construction yeah they’re big management and mates with the Qs and I get along real good with the owner we’re actually renovating the owner’s house at the moment oh no where’s the owner live uh he lives in t up hill yeah there’s an owner up in Orland too but um that’s the only company I ever contract to fair enough because I trust them and they’re not trying to screw me down they’ve got a real abundant mindset which is which I’ve carried through into my company

09:23 that’s good so I like working with them yeah I feel like um it’s it can show a lot to a contractor um who can sub like uh subcontract to a big company and withhold that relationship because you’re forever hearing of a main contractor firing labor only Builders constantly rotating Crews yeah 100% I see it all the time with every other yeah and we get h- hunted by a lot of other yeah like companies like Alaska but we we just stay loyal to Alaska cuz we’ve got a good relationship and they’re not trying to burn me or stuff

09:54 me like you hear a guys and they they’re like oh I um I do all this extra works I’m like how did the job go for cuz I’ve seen them on some big project in town and they be a company that’s maybe come from rzy and they’re I just done all this extra so it didn’t go that good and I’m like that’s kind of where you make your money yeah like on extra stuff and if you’ve got a good relationship like with those qss from those big companies they’ll teach you I kind of they kind of taught me like

10:22 everything I know yeah from work from working with them is how I structured my my and I’m like forever thankful and I’ll and I’ll never step on their toes yeah it’s good I’ll never price cuz I’ve been offered the price stuff that they’re pricing yeah but I never will because because they’ve taught me everything I know like just working with their Qs is and that that’s good I think that just submits you you’ll have good longevity for work if you look after them um you know work in a good relationship I uh I

10:54 had one good question I want to ask how hard is it to get on the panel for school or education work usually that can be quite you know you’ve got to pass quite a few sort of checks and it can be quite rigorous to get in yeah so you got to um you’ve obviously got to pass all your police fitting yeah and all your crew um and then yeah it’s um yeah it’s pretty yeah it’s pretty Cutthroat like like um he’ll laugh if he watches the consultant I do work for cheed for a fair few Builders yeah yeah yeah yeah

11:26 but I just um I’ll just jump for them prior it it’s relationship but it’s defitely not easy get us quite a bit yeah I could imagine but it it’s it’s like a some people wouldn’t want it if I showed showed it to them what what was involved like yeah man if I spelled out everything that was involved they wouldn’t want to do it yeah like it’s it’s sort of like we’re coming into Christmas and everyone’s about to sit down and go on holiday with their family I’m not I’m about to ramp up and crank

11:58 it and and pump 60 to 80 hours a week while everyone else is going to festivals and yeah man yeah I’m going down the lake for a week with my kids but I’ll be on the phone the whole time working like 100 phone it’s no it’s no it takes over your life yeah and if you’re not dedicated and yeah if you out one project you’re gone yeah you kind of get one opportunity yeah yeah um how many guys are you running at the moment and how hard is it to find Good Guys in in to on of the mount Pepa so we’re running

12:26 about 10 at the moment um we’re getting contractors when we need to um it was real hard like I I’ve kind of always ran ads yeah for guys and just and then just trying to build up stronger teams um yeah uh it was hard I was I used to get one to two applicants a month and now I’m probably getting 5 to 10 applicants a week yeah and so I’ve actually um I’ve kept one original yeah and I’ve actually reshaped my whole company whole team yeah slowly yeah and and um people get complacent yeah like

13:02 if you have the same guy for too long he might become lazy and and just expects everything and has their hand out so yeah I don’t know I’ve got the mindset everyone is replaceable yeah I’ve I’ve had guys and and and I’ve had a good year out of them and then and then they become complacent so I’ve got yeah shifting no crims and um and moving them on obviously try and do it the right way and find them another job and do it positively but yeah they can yeah can go two ways it can sound quite bad but also

13:31 like everyone’s goals and situations change like they might need to leave a location or they’re looking at a career change or they get a I don’t know a better offer but yeah you were saying before you’ve always left your old bosses on good terms which is um yeah not just a I might need you in the future but I think it’s just a good yeah I still go for beers at the houses like yeah for them all and and then maybe I was a little bit harder when I first started my company like I was yeah prob

13:58 probably a like harder personal round but um like just as of age like maturing and I have a beer of probably the last yeah you know bunch of guys that have left me and we’re all still mates and follow each other on social media and yeah we’re sweet yeah I think it’s good cuz if youen ever call upon a favor we be there for each other and always give them a reference and yeah just try to move them on positively 100% yeah before you met uh rapid Qs how did you price your kind of jobs and what’s your

14:29 biggest win and your biggest loss on a project so how how did I price my job so I’ve actually taught myself how to price to be honest by hiring I’ve spent thousands on Q’s yeah I I this is being honest I used to get big jobs coming and I wouldn’t know what the if I was looking at like I could I could like build it on site um yeah even some of them were probably intimidating for me on site but I just I I’d hire a Qs and then I’d do my own breakdown without looking at them I might pay them two grand yeah I’ve paid

15:04 you two grand before three grand what no you know and um and then I’d I’d match them and see where they matched and then and then I sort of then that I was always pretty right yeah and it always then so it just gave me confidence and now yeah I yeah I can price pretty much anything that that comes to my door if I’ve got the time yeah man that’s the biggest killer for people eh and wins and losses yeah we’ve yeah no risk no reward like I’ll price some that um no one would dream of pricing I’ve had subes

15:37 and they’re like working like other companies contracted me and they’re like how are you doing this on charge up and like being the gnarliest extension or rotting and I’m like nah this is all fixed price like and they’re like you’re crazy yeah but like some of that stuff’s been like my my biggest win like yeah do do you want numbers or do up to you bro I’ll I’ll put it out there first I’ve been screwed on a job and lost 120 Grand so yeah I’ve cut even on Lots yeah yeah

16:05 like um and and I think sometimes when you’ve got a few guys like you you will just sometimes you like I actually need this job just to keep the crew going cuz you can see your next one’s cream and so so you kind of bridge the gap sometimes with jobs that you’re not even really going to make anything on but it keeps your crew running you actually I’ve gone and light on purpose before just to make sure that my boys are keeping fed and then but then you you get some that go the other way like you might you might price and you might

16:34 make we’re not even going to goense but you can you can make some crazy money but yeah no risk no reward um those guys who just charge up all the time unless you’ve got 80 guys or 50 guys on charge up and you’re making 10 bucks an hour 15 bucks an hour you’re never you’re never going to um make decent make decent money so you got to put your blls on the line I could up and I could I could be wrong and if you’re wrong on a few like it lose yeah it lose everything yeah absolutely yeah I I don’t want to

17:03 sit back and take a back SE yeah going on that I think uh that can be real crucial you do look at like your pipeline or if you’re a bigger builder in your average job is say four to 6 months um if you’re stacking in some smaller stuff or you’ve got a gap you will take a job at a lesser margin strictly to keep your team if you spend two to five years building up a good team and then you run out of work for 6 months you’ve just spent all that time you know I can invest I’m just going to take this j

17:32 keep busy but then our pipeline going to fill up again yeah 100% you got so you always got to be forecasting eh yeah 100% yeah um in regards of subes how long has it taken you to build up a good team of subes and um people love knowing rates and stuff so let’s I want to discuss a little bit of rate stuff around tang and pep Mo yeah so it probably took five years or yeah yeah to to build a good team of subbies and now yeah you got a real good team and I know that they’re going to go in and um keep my clients happy cool keep me happy have

18:03 you going back on that complacency question with your guys have you yet to do you sort of keep a check on subies well not keep a check but if you notice your plumber creeping prices up in that will you do a bit of a check on that or look for a new plumber or how do you work that stuff across the board I I reckon it’s healthy to keep two of all subs yeah and they know that you’ve got two because and and so then they going to start taking the puss if they know you’ve got two like I have been caught

18:30 um and I’ve been caught actually recently cuz I’m not going to say which sub trade but I got down to one subcontractor I was using in a certain trade and his prices were starting to Skyrocket yeah and my clients cuz I break down everything yeah everything and then I got three clients in a row hit me back on that one sub yeah and so now I’m running two but so that that’s a perfect lesson that you should you should always run to and it keeps your your so be honest to if they know you’re getting two prices for

19:01 everything and you just try and share the workload to the m is um most your stuff that you’re doing like the extensions and the Rena are you doing all that on fixed price stuff or are you having to disclose like show an open book contract essentially show subes prices uh so yeah you usually it’s um like fixed price yeah cool but if I’ve got a real good relationship with the client I’ll usually just do an estimate and then just um Cost Plus margins y yeah yeah um I think it that actually works out better for the client most of

19:34 the time too it’s an honest way of doing business but yeah some some people just want to fix price so you’re obviously going to load load it up to make sure that you’re safe eh yeah for sure man I I think so many people have get scared around um fixed prices purely because oh you know I could lose money there but if you’re confident with the kind of jobs you can do and you know you know where your RIS line in each job I think everyone should be going for fixed prices yeah 100% it comes of time that

19:59 way you’re obviously not going to just jump in off the B doing fixed prices yeah yeah do any of your subies do are they all fixed price or do most of them offer charge up alley rates or is it all kind of square meter rate or Point rates so to be honest like I’ve done real well out of this is a risky way of business but I’ve priced heaps of jobs under 200k and never got a quote from aabi yeah and I’ll priced the whole thing and then I’ll just get everyone in on charge up and that’s that’s so risky like and like

20:31 sometimes my painter might have ran over a grand or two grand or and then sometimes my plumers ran under like cuz I’ve gone on fixture rates he’s ran under five grand like and honestly like some of the best money I’ve ever made but it’s such high risk like yeah yeah can be you imagine being wrong and you can’t go back to your client I actually made this all up I need a bit more I don’t know like yeah yeah that’s worked out real good for me I have done that and then yeah and then everyone

21:01 generally they yeah my painters square meter rates the job Stoppers are square meter rates um the plumbers have fixed your rates the sparkies have fixed your rates if you are getting them to price it yeah cool are you happy to disclose some of those rates yeah the ones I know off the top of my head yeah cool plaster and painting stuff so painting usually um unless it’s real tricky he’s you you’d be expecting somewhere from um 50 to 75 off the floor it’s pretty standard yeah and then um Plastering I think it’s

21:30 somewhere around 45 off the floor Y Cool depending on the detail of the house I think that’s a standard to 3 B yeah about 45 it used to be 35 it’s gone up 45 um job stopping 5 years ago used to be down round oh sorry um J fixing used to be down around 17 now it’s up around 25 do you sub that out as well fixing uh depending on have done depending on our workload generally we’ll do it but we’ll sub it out if we have to um and then what else Roofing yeah Roofing corated standard I don’t know like I’ve got

22:03 heaps of them loaded into my computer I put it on the spot um we of it might be 85 is it 85 we see anywhere from 90 to 130 depending where you are and busyness yeah and then concrete like you’ve got some of the bigger companies that are still doing um driveways at 65 a square meter um but um we actually we we do concrete too we’ll just sub out just the LAN we’ll prep the rest of it but we usually try and come in around 80 bucks a square meter I know that up in Oakland there I was talking to one of my mates

22:35 who’s got a concrete company there about 120 square meter 0 to 120 0 yeah 120 to 140 I would say 15 for exposed though yeah yeah yeah but um yeah I just think that you don’t want to be the cheapest price way like it’s foolish like you putting your your family at risk your creditors at risk your staff at risk everything I I yeah I don’t think there’s any future in no no way man cheapest um I just want to wrap up try and get a few more rates um what do you see sort of plumbers sparkies and like

23:08 Floor Covering stuff roughly so I think the plumbers a VI price of project a Reno I allow a th000 bucks of fixture for them but they might come on a 800 fixture cool yeah um and then I think the hourly rates around 85 yeah um the floor coverings tiles uh tiles 85 a square meter for tile Supply I think we usually allow and then laying for a standard say 60 by 600 about 85 as well yeah I was going to say you around all up 150 to 200 is pretty accurate yeah yeah that’s mid-range so we were going to use a PC sum like hadn’t decided we’d

23:48 probably put a PC sum of your 150 to same thing um and then what else floor coverings carpet 90 yeah like yeah 90 but so yeah I think that’s pretty mid-range a is pretty safe yeah but um do you you were telling me before about your kitchen kid in here I um sat down with the one of the M 10 owners and he was saying about they want to compete all their kitchens with Boutique kitchen companies across the country what did you get your kitchen kit out for was pretty cheap oh yeah I might get in trouble but um yeah yeah it was it was

24:22 about um we put through a lot e um we were putting through a lot with Mod 10 yeah so now but um sort of moved away from them a little bit but um 12 and a half including appliances and install I’ll check photo that and honestly um it looks pretty sharp yeah pretty sharp unless you’re getting into the couple 100K kitchens it it looks as good as a 50k kitchen yeah nice yeah um what’s your how many when you go for material estimates pricing um do you work with one rep or do you have a good relationship with a couple same as the

24:57 subcontractor setup how do you work with trade reps n yeah I I reckon that um the same thing e so if you’re sticking with one yeah and they know it they’ll they might not look up you know so you kind of want to be knowing to to have a few connections yeah for sure otherwise the same as like the sub trades if they know that you’re just using them they they’ll creep the prices up yeah I’ve I’ve I’ve seen it I’ve done it and I’ve yeah so you’ve got know to have accounts

25:29 everywhere otherwise yeah people think they’ll just hold a gun to your head and they can kind of charge what they want y yeah um what’s the what’s the workflow like at the moment down around here everyone loves knowing we’re is busy what’s what what’s your pipeline looking like moving into 2024 and yeah how long are you kind of booked out for yeah so we’ve got a we’ve got um not most of our crew booked out for towards the end of next year yeah it’s good yeah and then um we’ve got a couple of guys that we

25:57 just leave floating for Popup projects and I’ve always tried to roll like that um but we’re pretty lucky we do a lot of government work and I worked real hard on um locking into some big contracts real hard taking people out for coffees every 10 minutes and lunches and driving around to see them and follow up calls and just working harder on all our leads yeah um so we’re real lucky that we’ve got those um but a lot of guys have got next to nothing yeah like I get guys ringing me up every second day with Crews yeah that

26:29 have got no work or guys that have shut down their companies with no work it’s it’s that housing company stuff e but yeah that’s I I always tried to build my company around all my brothers are like real successful businessman nothing to do with building but um I’ve got a lot of good people around me and so my whole goal always was to set my company out to be Recession Proof yeah 100% that was like my main thing I thought about every week every day yeah yeah is there a demand for like uh maintenance and stuff

26:57 down here smaller stuff that’s always a good way there is a demand there is a demand and we did get into that and I had like a massive portfolio houses but um I had I didn’t really have the right guys to do it to do it and I was getting callbacks and then so say I’d have like a million dollar job and then I’d have all these like $500 to like, maybe $200 jobs and I was getting callbacks on the the little ones cuz like you kind of want a old semi retired guy who’s boost round yeah does body yeah and who who knows

27:31 and who finishes them properly and I didn’t really have the right guys so I ended up shutting that down yeah fair enough yeah but there’s definitely there’s always the demand for for those maintenanc jobs yeah that’s cool man yeah biggest kind of um we still do sorry we still do the maintenance for one one company um biggest kind of like uh have you had any times we’ve had to like do a good pivot or a good shift or a lesson learned on certain work maintenance could be a prime example any anything

27:58 else you could sort of add there yeah um yeah so the maintenance I just I just found it wasn’t worth my the headache because I didn’t have the the right person so yeah I’ve definitely TR different Industries different sectors and being like no that’s not for me like when I first started I was pumping out new builds yeah like for a developer like and probably similar rates to what housing company guys were getting but I was doing the whole thing from from setting out the profiles toting the box

28:28 but um and he was just paying me off I was just green and young and he was paying me off what like the housing companies pay people yeah man and so I got out of that and then honestly got rung up by every housing company in town and like do you want to come do our work um and I just I was just like nah and I and then sometimes I wouldn’t know what was two weeks in front of me and then the boys would be like working for me why don’t you take them that’s like a Year’s work in that subdivision I’ll be

28:56 like nah because when recession hits I’m only going to know that one project manager so I stuck to my guns and I’ve sort of yeah found my found my different little niches though yeah I’m not a fan of that that stuff I think it’s good like if you’re maybe just going out and your own starting to build but I definitely don’t think you rely on that to to make money rely on it for maybe turnover or keep the boys busy but um yeah or just the starting point yeah designed to fail I think yeah and a and

29:21 a downturn look exactly it’s exactly what’s happened though yeah for sure um what’s your kind of goal or movements with with your company for the next couple years what are you trying to have you got a goal in mind what’s your ultimate end up so honestly I just want to refine what I’ve got yeah um and I just want to create like a good lifestyle for me and my kids yeah sweet man yeah so I’m I’m happy I don’t want to get any bigger yeah and I just want to yeah just refine everything get

29:46 better systems so I can go on holidays with my kids without being in the office till 5: in the morning honestly I went to Barley this year and the two nights before I went I was in the office till 4 5 in the morning morning just about to get away um so I just want to just work on better systems internally um we have got pretty good systems but obviously need need more more help um and yeah just want to get into doing my own developments man that’s good I think it’s the good end up goal for anyone running their own company they know how

30:16 much money they can make you know you get all the true costs not the obviously company cost but um yeah I think that’s a good point would you start to look at doing that around here yeah yeah w y me yeah yep y That’s good um I think I had couple more we can cut this bit out standard two seconds bro you’re right brother it’s been pretty flowy so far yeah it’s good man um in the garage seen a few toys in that there how often do you get out on the motorbike surfboard Etc little adrenaline squirts yeah um

31:01 probably to be honest like the bike I just like it looking all shiny when people come around um no I I I get out not not that often I my sisters live up in F so sometimes I go out there on a Friday Friday night AO and go out there have a cup of tea or the burger or whatever and um and then the jet ski I don’t really use that much um looks cool yeah it goes fast um yeah and then the boat we’re into we take the boat out heaps me and the kids go out fishing and um take the kids down the lake so cool the boat’s the toy and then the yeah

31:34 take the the cony up from time to time when we need a feed and good yeah I just reckon you’ve got to have a a release yeah absolutely man yeah something to get away for sure yeah yeah do boxing every morning um as a yeah just part of my morning routine just a real good stress relief y yeah have you had the work party for the year yet Christmas party n so we we got the um the buggies going down to ro um the RO Venture Park um going up on the hills on the some four-wheel drive buggies and then have a Barbie back here and then go

32:07 out for dinner with the boys and see see who wants to stay out longer and good I guess I got to stay out with them and keep shouting them until they done yeah cut that off at 1:00 a.m. mate don’t do anything too silly not that’s good man I think we’ve covered um pretty good topics there um yeah thanks for jumping on if anyone wants to get in touch with you regarding work or a job how do they find you yeah so white Builders Mount M limited we’re very easy to find on Google um Instagram um yeah you you find us straight away

32:35 Bunch now name easy thank you very much brks mate che che

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