Understanding The Costs With Your Claim

Here at RapidQS, we understand the importance of providing fast and accurate elemental pricing estimations to homeowners in distress.

Insurance quotes / works are never fun. Usually ends up in a lot of back and forth emailing / phone calling and the insurance agents
not wanting to pay out the full amount.

The last thing you want to deal with is trying to find a builder to quote on the works, most builders cant be bothered as they know the job more then likely wont go ahead.

Our goal is to assist you so you can get the compensation you deserve from your insurance agents to get their homes repaired as quickly as possible. Here are some of the ways we achieve this goal:

Items We Can Cover

  • Moisture / water damaged walls / carpet / GIB board
  • Flooded kitchens – bathrooms with damaged and swelling occurring on cabinetry
  • Commercial Rip out and reinstatement work
  • Retaining Walls / timber / block and any other types
  • Cladding damage – exterior weatherboards / plaster / window damage
  • Driveways – pathways – paths – outside living areas

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have super quick turn around times on elemental estimates to be sent back to insurance companies to get that process rolling as quickly as possible.
  2. We provide a high level of detail in all our estimates so there is plenty of evidence every single item in fixing your home is included.
  3. Easy to read jargon free reports, clean , easy line items coloured coded into zones with totals at the bottom of each zone.
  4. We have being working with professional builders and franchises for over 2 years now. Contractors with fix price contracts in place so we understand how close our numbers need to be.

Next Steps

Send us as many photos and measurements of each affected room.

Send us photos from as far back as possible so we can get a full picture.

Send us total lengths of the room / both ways.

We are committed to providing fast and reliable elemental pricing estimations to homeowners in distress.

Send an email with those specs and measurements and we will be sure to help you as quickly as possible.

How Much Will It Cost?

We gurantee to get these back within 48 hours [ working days]

Starting prices start at:

  • $615.00 + GST for smaller projects under $50,000.
  • $1100 + GST for mid size projects between $50,000 – $200,000.00
  • $2500 + GST for projects over $200,000.00

Send a email to rapidqsnz@gmail.com with all your info.

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