Design and Council Process for New Builds

Designing and building a new home in New Zealand can be a complex process, involving a range of professionals and a number of steps to ensure that all necessary approvals and consents are obtained. Here is a brief overview of the design and council process for a new
build in New Zealand:

Council consents:

Before any construction can begin, you will need to obtain building consent from your local council. This process involves submitting detailed plans and specifications for your proposed build, as well as any relevant documentation such as site plans and engineering reports. The council will review your application and may request further information or make changes to the plans before issuing the consent.


Many people choose to work with an architect to design their new home. An architect can help you develop a detailed brief for your build, taking into account your budget, lifestyle, and any site-specific considerations. They will also prepare detailed plans and specifications for the build, which will be used to apply for building consents and to provide guidance for the construction team.

Changes made by clients:

During the design process, you may decide to make changes to your plans. This is common, and many architects will allow for a certain number of design changes to be made at no extra cost. However, it is important to be mindful of the impact that changes can have on the overall cost and timeline of the project, as well as the potential need to reapply for building consents.


Once the design and council consent process is complete, construction can begin. This will involve hiring a team of builders and tradespeople to bring your new home to life. The construction process can be complex, with many different stages and tasks to be completed. It is important to keep in regular communication with your builder and to stay informed about the progress of the build.

Tip: The design and council process for a new build in New Zealand can take anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the complexity of the build and the amount of changes that are made in the design process. It is important to be patient and to allow sufficient time for all necessary approvals and consents to be obtained.

Overall, the design and council process for a new build in New Zealand requires careful planning and attention to detail. By working with professionals such as architects and council officers, and staying informed about the progress of the build, you can ensure that your new home is built to the highest standards and meets all necessary approvals and consents.

As a client the biggest thing is understanding these items take time and if this process is rushed you could face not getting your council consent and mistakes down the track may end up being very costly.

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